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Green building for a better future

A recent report from Environmental Leader, LLC’s EL Insights shows that green building market value will catapult from $71.1 billion to $173 billion in the U.S. by 2015.

In conjunction with this trend, commercial green building is expected to grow by 18.1 percent annually, from the current $35.6 billion to a staggering $81.8 billion. This incredible growth is likely propelled by a growing recognition of the potential cost savings and incentives from the government.

Buildings account for 40% of energy consumption in the United States each year, making green building a source of significant economic and environmental opportunity. Greater building efficiency can meet 85% of future U.S. demand for energy while providing a number of additional economic and environmental benefits.*

* Benefits of LEED certification, U.S. Green Building Council, www.usgbc.org

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