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The SunSource® Commercial Energy System can play a key role in reducing utility costs year-round. To enhance the economic attractiveness for solar energy systems, many state, federal and utility incentives and grants can help offset a large portion of the first cost, or even provide an on-going rebate.

The SunSource system can help significantly reduce energy costs in all regions of North America. In certain regions, additional solar panels help achieve net-zero energy status, as the SunSource system will generate more power than the rooftop unit consumes. In order to determine your level of savings, select your climate region, then, select your number of solar panels.

Step 1: Select your climate region.

Select your climate region

Step 2: Select the number of solar panels.

More Panels
More Panels
Estimated cooling operation
cost savings:
Annual Operation
Cost Savings*
Estimated environmental benefit:
Gallons of gasoline
per year
Annual reduction equivalent in gallons of gasoline burned per year.

*Estimated annual cooling operating cost savings of a 5-ton 17 SEER Energence® rooftop unit with solar modules, compared to a 13 SEER rooftop unit. Estimates of annual solar energy production are calculated using National Renewable Energy Laboratory’s (NREL) PVWatts, Version 1 calculated at a tile angle equal to the local latitude. Estimates of annual cooling cost savings for the rooftop units are calculated using Lennox’ Total Cost of Ownership Calculator, with operating hours from 10 am to 10 pm in a small retail environment.

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