Lennox® VRF

is the only heating and cooling solution to combine the zoning and energy advantages of variable refrigerant flow with the unparalleled knowledge and expertise of Lennox. It’s an expert solution from the name you trust.

Versatile Applications

Lennox VRF is a flexible, versatile solution that is ideal for a wide range of buildings and workplaces. From office buildings to retail environments of all sizes, Lennox VRF makes customized comfort easy and efficient.


Every office and common area enjoys its own individual temperature control for better comfort control and zoning.


Guests will sleep soundly with Lennox® VRF by enjoying lower sound levels and better temperature control.


Non-ducted indoor units help prevent cross contamination while ducted units with industry-leading static pressure meet HEPA filtration needs.

Multi-family Structures

Lennox® VRF provides a high-efficiency, low-maintenance comfort solution that appeals to residents, while service-friendly equipment makes life simple for management.


Creates a more effective learning environment by providing low sound levels, better temperature control and energy savings to save budget dollars.


Diners and kitchen staff experience greater comfort through part-load operation, even with the diverse loading conditions a restaurant experiences during a typical day.


Provides a comfort solution that eliminates temperature swings, yet still reacts to the changing heating and cooling demands throughout a typical sales day.

Why Lennox VRF?

Every Lennox VRF system includes smart advantages throughout. When selecting a variable refrigerant flow system, it’s about the equipment. And everything that comes with it. As the leaders in HVAC innovation for more than a century, Lennox can add serious value to any project.


Since the first riveted-steel furnace in 1895, Lennox has been a pioneer in innovation, comfort and energy efficiency.


From commercial to residential, and from small homes to high-rise office buildings, Lennox has been the heating and cooling experts for more than a century. That expertise is available with every variable refrigerant flow installation.


Lennox means well-built, reliable equipment. Lennox VRF is no exception. Every component meets or exceeds our demanding standards.

A Dedicated Team

Lennox VRF brings with it a dedicated team of professionals who make your VRF projects their priority, from design and specification to construction, installation and maintenance. Lennox will offer to send a professional on-site to assist with your project.


Standard communicating wire scheme for simple installation


Low maintenance and simplified service


Quiet fan blade design


Inverter technology for maximum efficiency


DC motors use up to 45% less electricity

floor plans

Wide range of indoor units for different floorplans

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VRF Equipment

Lennox VRF is flexible not only in its operation, but its installation as well. Multiple configurations of indoor units are available, including wall and floor mount. All with the quality and reliability you’d expect from Lennox.

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