Lennox® VRF Products

The entire Lennox VRF line is made to the exacting standards of Lennox quality, and backed by the expertise that comes with more than 100 years in the heating and cooling business.

Outdoor Units

Lennox variable refrigerant flow outdoor units offer multiple installation options, along with many other benefits to installers, developers and owners.

DC Inverter Compressors

Inverter-driven compressors maximize efficiency and system longevity.

2 Hz Frequency Step

For more precise capacity adjustment.

DC Fan Motors

Highly efficient DC fan motors provide greater efficiency and energy savings over standard AC motors.

Innovative Fan Blade Design

Optimizes airflow while reducing noise.

Flexible System Layout

Outdoor units can connect to 3,280 ft. of piping

Energy-Smart Night Mode

Outdoor units can be set to run at reduced speeds at night for even greater efficiency and reduced noise levels.


Indoor Units

Every indoor unit contains smart features to increase efficiency and functionality.

Auto Restart

Restores operation after power failure compressors maximize efficiency and system longevity.

Auto Addressing

Heat Pump and Mini VRF systems automatically assign indoor unit addresses upon startup. Heat recovery systems can be addressed using the handheld wireless controller

Dry Mode

Indoor units operate with greater humidity control and comfort

Washable Filter

Helps preserve indoor air quality while reducing waste

Washable Panel

Keeps appearance neat and clean

Pre-Heat Function

Stops air from circulating during heating mode until it is sufficiently warm

Remote On/Off

For convenience and energy savings

Error Status

Alerts the user if a fault is detected or maintenance is needed


Mode Selection Boxes

Mode Selection Boxes control the flow of hot and cold refrigerant to the different evaporator units, allowing heat taken from one room to be used to warm another. To give Lennox VRF even greater flexibility and functionality, Lennox proudly offers Mode Selection Boxes in 2-, 4- and 6-port configurations.

* V8MSBB01 is utilized for indoor units with capacity greater than 54,000 Btu/h.


Controls and Accessories

With multiple control options and accessories available, Lennox VRF is flexible enough to create an ideal environment in every room, in any season.

Learn more about the new touchscreen programmable local controller.

Programmable Local ControllerV0STAT51P-2
  • Wireless
    Remote Controller
  • Auxiliary Heat Relay V0CTRL90P-1
  • Infrared Sensor V0SNSR78P-1
Simple Wired
  • LonWorks® Gateway V0CTRL87P-1
  • Remote-Mounted
    Return Air Thermistor for Indoor Units
  • Outdoor Unit
    Alarm Module
LVM Centralized ControlV0CTRL91P-1
  • BACnet® Gateway V0CTRL86P-1
  • Optional Drain Pump
    Kit for High-Static-Pressure Ducted Unit
  • HHE Relay Kit -
    Four Dry -
    Contact Board
Indoor Unit
Centralized ControllerV0CTRL75P-1
  • Branch Box
    for Mini-VRF
  • Hotel Key Card