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S-Class™ Rooftop Units from Lennox Now Offer More Options and Accessories

Now the industry’s most energy-efficient rooftop units* are available with new options that include modulating gas, a low temperature vestibule heater, hot gas bypass for low airflow operation and outdoor air CFM control. The outdoor air CFM control is also available as a field installed kit.

Modulating Gas (Factory Option)

  • Provides excellent temperature control with full modulation between 25% and 100% of input
  • Available on both the 500,000 and 800,000 Btuh gas heat size options
  • Features a stainless steel heat exchanger for great performance and reliability

Low Temperature Vestibule Heater (Factory Option)

  • Extends gas heat operation application range down to -60°F by utilizing an electric heater in the gas burner compartment

Hot Gas Bypass (Factory Option)

  • Allows unit operation in low airflow applications down to 12.5% of nominal capacity
  • System helps prevent coil frosting and compressor damage during low airflow operation

Outdoor Air CFM Control (Factory Option or Field Installed Accessory)

  • Helps ensure variable air volume (VAV) units meet minimum outdoor air CFM levels
  • The Integrated Modular Controller (IMC) measures outdoor air velocity and adjusts economizer position, minimizing the effect of supply fan speed changes to outdoor air

To learn more about the most recent innovations in Lennox’ line of S-Class packaged rooftop units, contact a Lennox field sales representative or visit www.lennox.com.

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* When considering steady state efficiency (EER) for single packaged rooftop units, 35-50 tons, G/E, E/E or cooling only, 3 phase voltage. Established through competitive literature review, July 2004. Claim pertains to 10.8 EER rating for the SGA480H4B unit.

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