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Lennox Introduces L Connection® Network with Zoning Support

DALLAS, TX – May 24, 2007 – Lennox Industries Inc. has expanded its commercial controls product offering by introducing the L Connection® Network, now with the ability to support zoning applications. The L Connection Network is a light commercial building automation system that makes it easy to manage HVAC zoning and building operations from a single point of control, while improving building efficiency and comfort.

By installing the L Connection Network, customers will be able to:

  • Control a wide range of HVAC functions including constant air volume bypass and variable air volume zoning applications
  • Control various building operations including lighting, exhaust fans, vent hoods, sprinklers and other devices based upon schedule or occupancy status
  • Reduce system complexity by installing a multi-functional Comfort Sensor for controlling temperature, humidity and CO2 levels
  • Reduce energy and maintenance costs
  • Monitor, schedule and control the system via local or remote software interfaces
  • Enhance building comfort levels

The new L Connection Network will allow integration of Lennox units with most electromechanically controlled third-party equipment for increased system performance. For more information about the L Connection Network, contact a Lennox field sales representative by calling 1-800-9-LENNOX or visit www.lennox.com.

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