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Restaurant Profit: How comfort = revenue

The factors involved in choosing a place to dine are myriad, from the most obvious (great food) to intangibles that a patron may not even be able to verbalize, such as atmosphere. The all-important “atmosphere” can include everything from music and tableware to pure environmental factors like humidity and temperature that make an enormous difference in one’s reaction to the dining experience.

In addition to bringing patrons in the door, an excellent restaurant environment also helps raise employee morale which may, in turn, increase the quality of food, customer service and overall employee satisfaction, all of which ultimately generate more sales. By collaborating with a quality HVAC manufacturer, restaurant owners can create a system that helps improve the indoor environment of an establishment for both customers and employees. There are a range of products designed specifically to improve the indoor environment by moderating temperature and humidity levels. Many of these solutions even help reduce energy expenses.

To improve your restaurant’s environment, look for these types of equipment:

  • Rooftop units featuring smart dehumidification systems that can independently control temperature and humidity levels. Make sure the dehumidification system initiates operation based on actual humidity levels and not just the temperature in the restaurant.
  • Rooftop units with multiple stages of heating and cooling operation that can help eliminate temperature swings. The best systems can provide up to seven stages of airflow for controlling both comfort and energy usage.
  • Rooftop units with Demand Control Ventilation that can modulate the fresh air intake and match the actual needs of the building. This not only helps provide enough fresh outdoor air, but also helps limit energy expenses versus a standard damper that brings in a set amount of outdoor air.
  • HVAC control systems with easy-to-use interfaces that make setting and changing temperature requirements simple and convenient. Even the best, most powerful control systems will not help meet the necessary comfort requirements if they are difficult for the restaurant manager to operate.

As a leading manufacturer of HVAC equipment and controls systems, Lennox offers a wide variety of products that help improve a restaurant’s environment. These solutions include the Energence rooftop unit featuring the Humiditrol® dehumidification system and Demand Control Ventilation capability and the L Connection® Network line of commercial control systems with Comfort Sensors.

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