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Fast and Simple: Make the most of your service and maintenance programs to boost the bottom line

Improving the efficiency and speed of your service and maintenance program can help your company make dramatic savings in time and money. Start by choosing and installing HVAC equipment that features a user-friendly design. Rooftop units with more intuitive designs will allow your technicians to work faster, help reduce the chance of error and simplify the requirements of facility management.

Here are a few tips to help you choose easier-to-service, user-friendly rooftop units that will help you greatly improve your service and maintenance program.

  1. Choose a system with a self test mode.
    Look for an innovative controller that can verify proper installation and operation. The most powerful controllers can even record when service and maintenance are performed and store the inforamtion in encrypted format.
  2. Make sure your controller has an easy-to-use interface.
    Scrolling displays and alphanumeric error codes are easy to read and quickly understood. They are preferable to systems that rely on technicians counting a series of flashing lights to identify the problem.
  3. Select toolless access panels.
    It should take only a couple of seconds to open the access panel on a rooftop unit. Choose door handles that don't require any tools to open or have screws or bolts that must be removed.
  4. Look for hinges on critical access doors.
    For easier access, be sure there are hinges on doors to the air filter, economizer, compressor, control, supply fan and gas or electric heat sections.
  5. Be sure components are easy to access.
    Components should be located around the perimeter of the unit so they can be easily seen and reached during inspection and repair. In cases where performance requirements prevent this, look for features such as a slide-out supply fan, which slides out for service but remains in the optimum position during operation.

Products such as Energence® rooftop units from Lennox include a variety of features that will save time during installation and maintenance and help reduce labor hours. Energence units include simplified installation via the SmartWire™ system which uses advanced keyed connectors to prevent miswiring. Durable piano hinges, heavy-duty toolless access handles, an easy-to-use interface and easy-to-read diagnostic error codes help lower service hours and cost.

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