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Industry Magazine Honors SunSource® Commercial Energy System

June 1, 2011 – Cedar Rapids, IA – Lennox Industries’ innovation that integrates solar energy directly with a commercial rooftop unit has been recognized by a leading industry publication: BUILDINGS Magazine has named the SunSource® Commercial Energy System as one of its top Money-Saving Products for 2011.

Lennox' SunSource system was developed exclusively for pairing with the high-efficiency Energence® rooftop units from Lennox that are rated up to 17 SEER. The solar modules are directly integrated with the rooftop unit for quicker, easier installation without making changes to the building’s electrical infrastructure. Lennox’ plug-and-play modular design uses up to 80% fewer parts than traditional solar systems, and its unique microinverter technology allows the SunSource system to maintain higher efficiency levels than traditional string-inverter systems.

“The SunSource system eliminates the barriers to using clean, renewable solar energy for powering commercial HVAC,” says Larry Wei, Lennox Product Manager for commercial rooftop units. “It’s a reliable system that not only can reduce users’ energy bills, but save them time and money during installation and in the future if they decide to expand their system as a building’s needs change.”

By pairing the SunSource system with a 17 SEER Energence unit, users can achieve effective efficiency levels of 34 SEER and beyond6.

In Fort Worth, Texas, replacing a 13 SEER 5-ton unit with a 5-ton solar-ready 17 SEER Energence unit with 20 SunSource solar modules can reduce annual cooling costs from $1,004 to $290 per unit, a 71% savings.

Energy savings can be tracked via an online monitoring system that shows real-time energy production, system performance and environmental impact 24 hours a day. In many cases, state, federal and utility incentives can help significantly offset the first cost of the system, further enhancing the payback.

The SunSource system was introduced in February 2011.

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