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Installing Smart Savings

Smart controls for HVAC systems are more sophisticated and varied than ever; from adjusting temperatures throughout a building’s different zones to providing early warning of equipment failure, the time and energy savings made possible by smart controls allow you to differentiate your work on a wide range of new and replacement installations.

Here are three smart options to consider:

1. Unit controllers on rooftop units

Unit controllers on today’s rooftop units (RTU's) are available with self-test and component test modes that are invaluable during system startup and troubleshooting. They allow technicians to functionally test complete or partial system operation and also to verify proper setup, as well as troubleshoot individual component operational concerns directly through the controller. Rooftop units such as Lennox’ Energence® rooftop unit line with Prodigy® unit controller come standard with these test mode functions which make technicians in the field more effective as well as save them valuable time during setup or service calls.

Another great time-saving feature for unit setup on the Energence units is the RTU’s profile capability. Once initially set up, the complete RTU profile can be saved to a standard thumb drive via a USB port. This allows the installer to instantly upload the setup information to a similar unit, so it’s ready for operation in just seconds.

2. Network controllers and sensors

Intelligent controls that drive both HVAC and building operations – lighting systems and signage, for instance – from a single control point make it possible to reduce an organization’s energy usage while better managing facility operations. Systems such as Lennox' L Connection® Network include an intelligent Network Control Panel (NCP) and are compatible with both proprietary HVAC equipment and electromechanically controlled systems by other manufacturers. The L Connection Network Control Panel also offers advanced troubleshooting capability to facility managers to help reduce unnecessary service calls.

Comfort Sensors in the L Connection Network system make it easier to improve occupant comfort and save money; one sensor can be used for relative humidity and carbon dioxide levels and allows occupants to control temperatures in their zones with the touch of a button.

3. Smart dehumidification systems

Unlike traditional dehumidification practices that reduce a space’s moisture level by extending system cooling operational run time to drive out moisture, smart dehumidification systems monitor temperature and humidity levels independently and optimize operation according to the space requirements. Options such as Lennox’ Humiditrol® dehumidification system significantly outperform conventional dehumidification methods in moisture control while helping avoid overcooling on humid days when outside temperatures are low.

Lennox’ Humiditrol system is available as both a factory-installed option on premium rooftop units as well as a field-installed accessory on air conditioner and heat pump split systems (with no additional control boards or sensors required).

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