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Lennox’ Landmark® rooftop units now available with MSAV® supply fan technology

Dallas, TX – (May 8, 2012)–Lennox’ new MSAV® (multi-stage air volume) supply fan technology is now available as a factory-installed, configured option on 7.5- to 25-ton Landmark® rooftop units.

Designed to help systems reduce energy use while still meeting comfort requirements, this innovative technology delivers significant year-round savings and lower monthly utility costs. Lennox’ MSAV® supply fan technology also allows quick and easy unit startup, while offering users the flexibility to customize airflow settings by making simple changes in the unit’s control system.

Additional benefits of the Landmark rooftop unit with MSAV supply fan include:

  • Code compliance to ASHRAE 90.1-2010, California Title 24 requirements for single-zone VAV systems and Ontario Building Code requirements for staged airflow
  • Occupied and unoccupied supply fan operational energy savings*
  • Part load supply fan operational energy savings*
  • Improved system reliability with soft starts, reducing (torque) wear and tear on major components such as fan motors, belts and bearings
  • Improved dehumidification performance during part-load cooling
  • Complete factory integration, support and warranty
  • High/low energy-saving ventilation speed option, field selectable (100%/67%)
  • 52% supply fan energy savings during 1st stage mechanical cooling at reduced airflow operation*
  • Two outdoor air minimum damper positions available to set optimal air intake, reducing energy costs associated with over ventilation

MSAV supply fan technology is available on Lennox’ complete line of rooftop units, including: Energence® (3- to 25-ton models), Strategos® (10- to 20-ton models) and Landmark (7.5 to 25-ton models) rooftop units. For more information about Lennox’ MSAV technology and to calculate estimated savings, visit www.lennoxcommercial.com/MSAV.

*Energy savings not reflected in unit ratings.

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