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Lower energy costs with solar HVAC

Is it time for your building to go solar? Consider this: According to the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), HVAC accounts for 40–60% of a commercial building’s energy use—a necessity that can send utility costs rising quickly.

One essential step to take to saving energy—if you haven’t already—is replacing older, out-of-date units with high-efficiency rooftop units.

This simple move can:

  • Eliminate the often substantial repair and service costs associated with aging equipment
  • Significantly lower operating costs by decreasing overall energy consumption and peak electrical demand requirements
  • Help the environment by producing far less carbon emissions than old, out-of-date equipment
  • Help buildings achieve sustainability goals

See further reductions with solar

In addition to installing new, high-efficiency units, building owners can see even further increases in operational cost savings and sustainability when they opt to add solar energy to the mix.

By using free, clean solar energy to power a building’s HVAC unit, lighting and more, building owners can take control of energy costs through reduced dependence on the electric grid and lower carbon emissions.

Lennox’ SunSource® Commercial Energy System—the first and only HVAC system to integrate directly with solar power—is the simplest way to implement a solar solution for your building. The SunSource system works with the high-efficiency Energence® rooftop unit, gathering the sun’s free, clean energy to provide heating and cooling to buildings. It can also nearly double the Energence rooftop unit’s efficiency rating—from 18.0 SEER to an effective efficiency level of 34 SEER and beyond6.

Additionally, the SunSource system:

  • Reduces a building’s dependence on the power grid during peak load times, helping to reduce demand charges incurred by businesses year-round
  • Allows for the integration of solar energy without changes to the building’s electrical infrastructure
  • Sends power back to the grid when the unit is not operating, possibly providing building owners with a utility tax credit
  • Can help the rooftop unit achieve net-zero energy status in certain regions, since adding additional solar modules to the SunSource system can generate more power than the rooftop unit consumes.
  • Is available as a solar-ready factory-installed option for Lennox’ 3- to 6-ton Energence rooftop units

While upgrading to a solar HVAC system can offer substantial energy and cost savings, it can also help your building achieve sustainability goals and meet continually evolving green building requirements.

To learn more about Lennox’ high-efficiency HVAC equipment and solar-ready units, contact a Lennox representative.

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