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Energence® rooftop units with SmartAirflow™ system provide increased ventilation energy savings

DALLAS – (September 13, 2013)- Lennox has introduced the SmartAirflow™ system, available on 3- to 5-ton high-efficiency Energence® rooftop units. This new sensor-based system is the industry’s only factory installed option that measures, controls and verifies supply and ventilation airflow. The SmartAirflow system increases supply fan power savings and can save an average of 35%* of annual ventilation energy consumption.

SmartAirflow works with an economizer and the Prodigy® Control System on the Energence rooftop unit to accurately manage fresh air ventilation throughout the day. This precise and continuous control of airflow helps prevent over- and under-ventilation resulting in significant cost savings each month, as well as optimal indoor air quality.

In addition, SmartAirflow provides five independent adjustable supply airflow settings. This allows for lowering of airflow for modes where higher speeds are not needed resulting in further supply fan power savings.

“We recognized that our customers need a robust, easy to install solution that can help them control and monitor the amount of airflow into their buildings,” said Farhad Abrishamkar, Product Marketing Manager for Lennox Commercial. “With SmartAirflow, our customers are able to have peace of mind that their unit is working correctly while at the same time saving them money on their utilities.”

SmartAirflow is easy to install and setup reducing time spent on the job. This significantly cuts down on commissioning time while ensuring the system is setup correctly. Additionally, to facilitate greater building automation and monitoring, the SmartAirflow System is compatible with optional BACnet and LonTalk® modules which provide enhanced operational data with customizable diagnostics.

To learn more, visit www.lennoxcommercial.com/smartairflow.

*As compared to an un-calibrated opposed blade design dampers without the SmartAirflow System on a 4-ton traditional unit delivering 1,600 (cubic feet per minute) CFM of supply airflow with 15% outside air requirements where economizer minimum position is set at 15% damper position. Average of cities in ASHRAE climate zones 1-6. Savings will vary with each zone.

About Energence Rooftop Units

Available in efficiencies up to 18.0 SEER, 12.8 EER and 15.5 IEER, Lennox’ 3- to 50-ton Energence® rooftop units are designed to help building owners reduce energy use during peak demand times while lowering operational costs. Lennox’ optional MSAV® (multi-stage air volume) supply fan technology—available on 3- to 25-ton models—provides fan power savings of up to 75%. The Environ™ Coil System—standard on all 3- to 25-ton models—maximizes reliability and sustainability with a series of microchannels that allow the coil to operate with up to 52% less refrigerant than typical units without sacrificing performance. Finally, Lennox’ industry-leading Prodigy Control System—standard on all models—offers fast, accurate setup and simplified operation for significant time, energy and cost savings. Additional options available for the Energence unit include the solar-powered SunSource® Commercial Energy System and the Humiditrol® dehumidification system. Energence rooftop units help buildings qualify for LEED points and exceed ASHRAE 90.1-2010 minimum standards by as much as 38 percent.

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