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When it comes to keeping up with continuously changing commercial energy standards, many businesses are taking the proactive approach of staying ahead of current efficiency requirements.

Typically, the first steps they take to meet these standards include installing a new, high-efficiency HVAC system and replacing any fluorescent lighting with LED or CFL options. Replacing old, out-of-date equipment and lighting with new, more energy-efficient options is the quickest way for clients to begin seeing an immediate and lasting improvement in energy efficiency, along with a significant reduction on utility costs.

Whether they’re still in the process of exploring energy-saving measures or looking for ways to save even more, there are still a few possibilities worth implementing when it comes to lowering a building’s energy use.

Getting ahead of the next standard

ASHRAE 90.1 and California Title 24 require all constant volume direct expansive cooling units, serving a single zone and equal to or greater than 110,000 Btu, to have supply fans controlled by two-speed motors or variable speed drives. Several manufacturers, including Lennox, offer staged air volume systems to help buildings comply with these requirements.

Going solar

According to the Solar Electric Power Association, solar was the fastest growing electric source in the U.S. last year—based on the number of systems installed and a large increase in utility solar capacity. A dramatic reduction in solar photovoltaic costs and significant federal tax credits, paired with state and local incentives, are making solar power more appealing than ever. Since HVAC consumes 40 – 60% of a commercial building’s energy use,* pairing solar energy with a high-efficiency packaged rooftop unit is a great way to help customers reduce utility costs, lower electric grid dependence and reduce carbon emissions. Lennox’ SunSource® Commercial Energy System, the first and only commercial HVAC system to integrate directly with solar power, works with the Energence® rooftop unit to provide effective efficiency levels of 34 SEER and beyond.

Identifying energy wasters

An energy audit, done by a licensed professional, can help pinpoint energy wasters. From there, you can help your customers implement the changes that they can benefit from the most.

Keep your customers’ equipment running at peak efficiency all year long with regular preventive maintenance. Not only will it save you time on the job in the future, it will also help your customers lower utility costs.

*Source: U.S. Department of Energy

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