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Humiditrol<sup>®</sup> Dehumidification System for Rooftop Units

Humiditrol® Dehumidification System for Rooftop Units

  • Patented design that controls humidity independent of room temperature
  • Maintains ASHRAE 90.2-2007 requirements while controlling room humidity levels
  • Available on the Energence® rooftop unit as a factory-installed option
  • Advanced system (available on Energence 3- to 5-ton models) uses up to 20% less energy
  • Operation is driven by the Prodigy® unit controller which initiates dehumidification when the room temperature is satisfactory but humidity is above the desired setpoint
  • System allows all compressors to provide full-load dehumidification and part-load cooling
  • Additional subcooling yields colder evaporator, greater latent capacity over standard AC circuit
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