Lennox Commercial

Split Systems

Lennox offers an extensive line of split system components that provide reliable performance to meet the demands of a variety of commercial applications. Our systems offer the highest efficiency available while reducing energy bills and maximizing comfort. From heat pumps and air conditioners to high-quality air handlers and indoor coils, Lennox delivers a wide range of configurations for ideal comfort.

Air Conditioners and Heat Pumps

Air Handlers

Tonnages Airflow  
Elite® Series Large Split Systems (ELS/ELP/ELA) (60Hz and 50Hz) 6-20  Upflow/Horizontal   
CBX40UHV Air Handlers 2-5  Multi-position   
CBX32M/MV Air Handlers 1.5-5  Multi-position   
CBX27UH Air Handlers 1.5-5  Multi-position   
CBX25UH/UHV Air Handlers 1.5-5  Multi-position   

Indoor Coils

CX34 Indoor Coil 1.5-5   
C33, CR33, CH33, CH23 Indoor Coils 1.5-5   
Legend Es Star Indicates ENERGY STAR® qualified product
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