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Continuous ComfortSM planned replacement program

One of the fastest and most effective ways to reduce energy usage and save money

Lennox’ Continuous ComfortSM planned replacement program was specially designed to address HVAC equipment that was installed in the mid- to late 1990s. Nearing the end of their service life, these units also were developed prior to significant advances in efficiency technology. New HVAC equipment can lower energy costs by up to 40% and eliminate repair costs in the near future.

The costs of older equipment

Because older equipment is more prone to breaking down, repair costs are also generally higher and more frequent with an older system. Spending money to patch an older system – whether it’s for a $1500 condenser coil or a $500 blower motor, plus labor costs – adds up over time and doesn’t improve operational efficiency.

Repair costs can add up

Avoid spending more money repairing old equipment, which may require only more repairs with age. Invest current and future repair costs in new equipment, which has the added benefit of higher efficiency, increased durability and service-friendly features.

Key benefits to planned replacement:

  • Avoids expensive emergency replacement situations
  • Lower replacement costs
  • Control the timing of capital expenditures
  • High-efficiency equipment offsets the rising costs of energy

Replacing older units from the 1990s with new equipment delivers instant energy savings. As energy costs escalate, the return on investment is quicker.

More than efficiency

Replacing older equipment can also help improve comfort and indoor air quality. Proper sizing and duct design eliminate hot and cold spots, while humidity control equipment and high-efficiency filters can minimize mold growth that can trigger health concerns. Enhanced comfort and air quality deliver a better customer experience and satisfaction and increased sales. Between higher efficiency, reduced costs and better environment, a planned replacement unit is the smart and affordable decision.

For detailed information on putting the Continuous Comfort planned replacement program to work for you, contact your Lennox representative.

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