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Professional engineers’ choices have the greatest impact on making commercial buildings more comfortable and more technically advanced. That’s why Lennox provides innovative HVAC systems—as well as a wide range of technical tools—to help engineers select the best HVAC configuration for any light commercial building.

Software Downloads

  • AutoCAD® Templates for Commercial Equipment saves time by using existing AutoCAD features to create a plan or elevation view with all current equipment added.
  • Revit® Building Information Modeling (BIM) is the process of generating and managing building data during its life cycle. Lennox BIM objects (HVAC units) will have model and performance information as well as electrical, gas, duct and condensate connections in addition to cooling/heating capacity and electrical loads.
  • Unit Controller Software allows you to configure, troubleshoot and test Lennox® control devices, including the latest Integrated Modular Controller (M1-8 IMC), as well as Building Controllers, Comfort Sensors, etc.

Additional software available through your Lennox representative

  • Energy Recovery System Software selects the appropriate Energy Recovery System (ERS) for Lennox rooftop units when city, state and CFMs are entered.
  • SmartSelect™ Software allows users to select, configure and generate output for Lennox products, and with enhanced options they can control product selection and compare product performance. To access SmartSelect software, visit LennoxPROs.
  • Total Cost of Ownership™ Calculator helps businesses select the best buy in HVAC by weighing costs for equipment, installation, operation, maintenance and financing. To access the Total Cost of Ownership calculator, visit LennoxPROs.

For more information, talk to your Lennox representative or call 1.877.726.0024.

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